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Christina’s 7 Tips for Finding Success with Your Jewelry Business

Christina Watson

I was a Federal Employee who was furloughed and needing to not only get off my behind, but make some money as well. I joined Paparazzi the end of December 2018. I have since hit Life of the Party as well as a director to an entire team of amazing consultants.

My customers and team members are not even located in my state…With that being said….

  • Engage in live sales on all forms of social media.
  • On your lives, let your customers feel they are your best friend. Talk about your life, your day to day, and the reason you began selling in the first place. The more your customers can connect to you the more you will sell your product.
  • If you say you are going live or hosting an event or party, stick to that…don’t let your customers find another consultant that makes them leave you to be made to feel important.
  • Utilize mobile text alerts to notify your customers that you are going live. Use the text to generate an engaged audience by stating themes or surprises that will happen during that live session.
  • Utilize every way of growing your customer base, not just live sales. Go to dinner and set up a mini little shopping station on your table, take your bling bag everywhere you go. Put your information to every single media source you are on. The more informed your customers are, the more they will feel empowered to tell others about the amazing consultant they have found.
  • Make each and every customer feel they are the most important one in your group, state their names as they join your lives, engage them for birthdays to offer free bling or free shipping. Always remember that you connecting and communicating with your customers will keep them coming to you and not another consultant.
  • If you have any issues selling pieces put them away for 2 months, when you bring them back out to show BOOM, they are now vintage hot items that no one else can get any longer and everyone will want them.

Sam Pelton

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