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10 Success Strategies to Help Your Business Thrive

Tinaya Aguilar

My name is Tinaya Aguilar and I am a wife & mother of a beautiful set of twins. I went to school for business and always had a burning desire to start my own business. However between working full-time while raising a family, did not leave much time left in a day to start my business from scratch.

I was always that person trying to start one business through direct sales or another without much success. I came across Paparazzi a few years back and I honestly did not pay it any mind until in mid 2018. I started really looking at the business and I ordered a few items because of course I wanted to check the quality of the pieces as I was not completely convinced that a piece of jewelry at a price point of $5 would withstand the test of time. Well let’s just say that I was proven wrong and I saw that the items were such amazing pieces that they did not change colors on me nor cause me to break out.

I then decided that I had to absolutely get involved with Paparazzi as I had always been an accessories type girl. I knew I wanted to be part of this company and this was the business that I was meant to be a part of. I started to learn as much as possible by watching videos, surfing social media and reading up on Paparazzi.

One day I happened to jump on Facebook and I saw a friend working her business and that was the final confirmation I needed for me to sign up as an independent consultant. I decided that I was going to give this business 100% and I was going to go all in. I purchased the larger kit and officially became a Paparazzi Star Consultant in October 2018 and launched Tinaya’s $5 Bling.  I am currently working my business and building my amazing team.

Here are some of the success strategies that I utilize daily to help my business thrive continuously:

  1. Spread the word daily to everyone that I come in contact with in person or via social media about my business and the opportunity
  2. Set aside time each day to work my business, whether it is posting on my Facebook page, responding to customers, talking with my team, ordering supplies, watching training videos, etc.
  3. Consistency – I try to be consistent as possible, if I tell my customers or myself that I am going to do something I do it. In addition, I consistently am looking and always doing something to help grow my business.
  4. Be authentic – I have fun and am truly authentic with my customers. I truly try to connect with every single one of my customers. Some of my customers I have never met, but I feel like I know them.
  5. Customer service – I treat my customers with the utmost respect, I try to get to know each of them and learn the things they like.
  6. Remember my Why? Why did I start this business? What did I want to accomplish? This helps me stay on track and work harder
  7. Share my story – I let folks know why I started this business and what it has done for me thus far
  8. I do not compare my success with anyone else. I believe doing this can discourage you if you are not moving at the pace of someone else that is further along in the journey than you. Everyone’s success is going to be different and it is not how you start; it is how you finish
  9. I share my team’s journey with my customers, I let them know if I have a new team member or a current team member to make sure they go check out and follow their page also. I believe that there is enough success for everyone and I rather us all be successful
  10. Last but least, I make sure that I celebrate my successes; whether small or big I am happy with the results because I worked my business like a boss. Whether my sales increased, my page likes increased, viewership increased, or I helped someone in their business, etc. I celebrate every step of the way.

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