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Rebecca Chandler

I have been a Paparazzi Independent Consultant since June of 2016. Before becoming a Consultant I was working full time at home while I homeschooled my children. As my children grew older, they needed more of my time and attention for their school and activities. I needed a more flexible way to generate income. Paparazzi was the perfect solution. So far I have been able to replace half of my income with Paparazzi and plan to be full time as a Consultant within the next 2 years.

During my time as a Consultant I have watched and learned from many very successful people. But when I tried to duplicate how they bought, sold, organized and so on, it never worked the same for me. And other people’s systems never seemed to fit me comfortably. I finally realized that someone else’s path wasn’t going to work for me because it wasn’t my path.

Each Consultant brings something different and special to this business. Learn from others. Take their ideas and make them work for you. Shape them to fit your path. If they don’t fit, try something different. Always be yourself. Always stay consistent. Always do what works for you.

Rebecca Chandler

Independent Paparazzi Consultant

ID # 49934

Sam Pelton

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