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What Brings Phyllis Success

Phyllis Crawford

Hi, my name is Phyllis Crawford.

I’m the owner of Phyllis Bling Box. I’ve been with Paparazzi a year and a few months now. I was a very shy and very quiet person before I started Paparazzi. Wasn’t really a talkative person at all but this business has truly got me out of my comfort zone. Putting God first is the one reason why my business is a success with Paparazzi and praying on a daily basis doesn’t hurt.

Paparazzi has really brought not only success to my life but it has helped me to become the person I am today. Paparazzi has really changed my mindset and my life in ways I never thought of. It has blessed me to be my own boss and to show others that they can do this business as well. It has allowed me to breakout of my quiet shell because I wouldn’t ever see myself in front of a camera talking and making women feel beautiful on a budget and without breaking the bank doing so. The sisterhood is amazing and I love meeting new people they have truly become family. This business has truly blessed me to be able to stay at home with my two year old son and still make money doing so.

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