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How Text Alerts Increase Viewership for Lives

Dawn is your typical direct sales consultant.

Having just started selling jewelry back in February, she hasn’t had a chance to make it to the top (yet).

But she’s smart. She’s done her research on how other consultants do things – what she likes, what she doesn’t like.

One thing she is confident of: text alerts.

She sends text messages out to her customers letting them know when she’s live and including a link to the live video.

She provided a personal example of her success using text alerts this way: “Last night, I prepared my message for my show & forgot to push ‘Send’. Whoops. So during my show… someone popped on saying that they didn’t get their text alert. That’s when I realized my mistake. So I quickly pushed ‘send’ and watched several pop on immediately. Mobile text alerts WORK!!”

She also has another use for text alerts – notifying people of album sales: “I also use mine to alert my VIPs when I drop a new release album. Within minutes my phone is blowing up with notifications of people claiming pieces from the album.”

She concludes by saying, “I [heart] Mobile Text Alerts!!”

Whatever stage you’re at in your direct sales journey, text alerts can be a benefit to help you grow your business.

Text alerts allow people to subscribe to receive messages from you (or you can add them manually if you already know they want to receive your messages). Then whenever you are wanting to send out a notification you can simply type out your message and hit “Send,” or schedule it ahead of time.

This can increase attendance to your lives or sales exponentially.

Plans start at $29 month-to-month and come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee so there’s no risk to you.

If you think text alerts might be a good fit for you and your business, sign up for a free test account to give it a try!

Sam Pelton