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Selling Paparazzi While Battling Illness

Kandice Hulsing

Good Day All,

I was asked to write about “What has brought me success as a Paparazzi Consultant”. This actually has been kind of an interesting journey when it comes to my Paparazzi business. I joined Paparazzi May of 2018 (so I am about to hit my one year mark). When I joined I was actually doing another DS company as well that I was just losing money with every single month and when I say losing I am talking in the thousands.  After about 2 and half months of doing both companies I realized I was making better money with Paparazzi so I stopped the other company and gave this my full attention. My business bank account started seeing some increase in balance instead of a consistent $0 balance.

In August 2018 we moved from New York to Utah for my husband’s job into a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 adults and 5 kids. It was tight space but still found a way to do lives and store lots of jewelry at home. Shortly after moving here I started getting very ill during August-January 2019; I was in the hospital all the time getting iron infusions, blood transfusions, having procedures of all sorts, until they ended up doing a complete hysterectomy on me at 32 years old. Now I am not telling you this to feel sorry for me; I am telling you this because during this time, I was active EVERY single month- I went live 3+ times a week, I did vendor events (on a side note about vendor events, if you want to find them you can like I said move to Utah where the headquarters are and can get several a month), etc… My business stayed open and I did everything I could to make my business work even though I could not do as much as I normally would have. During this time I was also still taking care of my 5 daughters between 3-13. If I can do this with all this going on I PROMISE YOU, you all can too!

Now here we are just about 2 weeks before my Papaversary just moved into our first home YAY, and I am about to hit Silver LOP (still aiming for Gold LOP), have built a team of 15 with 13 PS, am a member of the 5 Crown Club and reaching for the 10 Crown Club and honestly the building of my team has all started since February 2019.  Before February I only had 3 people under me; I could have had more people under me sooner if I had started talking to people about it sooner. I put my mind to training a team to think like I do, to want their business to be successful, but most importantly to have their doors open and to do that you have to be ACTIVE. I always aim to be active on day 1 by the very latest day and that is also how I tell my PS when they are talking about wanting to join because I want them to know that they are hurting their business when they are not active. So I will close this up by telling you Don’t Give Up! You are Worth It! Open your business EVERY month! And most important LOVE YOUR BUSINESS!!

Thank You,

Fellow Papa Mama (of 5 daughters)

Kandice Hulsing

Sam Pelton

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