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Tabitha Childress

I tried a lot of direct sales businesses before I found Paparazzi and I did not make a profit with any of them. I wish I would have discovered Paparazzi years ago, but I’m glad I found it 1 year ago. I joined Paparazzi February 9, 2018. My sponsor posted about Paparazzi on Facebook, so I did some research and decided it was worth a try. My husband was not supportive at first, but now that I make money he’s very supportive. I never imagined I would have a team of 50 people, but they are all doing an awesome job.

I honestly did not think I would do as well as I am because I failed at the other direct sales. This business is such a blessing and it came at a time we were struggling financially. We’re still catching up, but we are doing so much better since I have the extra money to help us. It is easy to rank up and if you show the jewelry and tell people about the company you will be successful. My last commission check paid for our trip to Gatlinburg, TN.  This was the first trip we’ve been able to take since over a year ago. Our kids had so much fun and I have Paparazzi to thank for that.

I try to encourage my team to keep pushing forward and to not give up. If you do the work, you will go far with Paparazzi. I have some that refuse to go live and they can sell other ways, but most of my sales come from Facebook. Building a team is what will make your commission checks increase and get you to rank up. You have to invest in your business and do the work to see awesome results.

-Tabitha Childress

Sam Pelton

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