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Jamie and Robert's Tools and Tips for Selling Paparazzi

Jamie and Robert’s Tools and Tips for Selling Paparazzi

Robert and Jamie Plaza

Having been a paparazzi consultant now for the past 6 months, has been an amazing journey thus far. To be successful in this business one of the most important character qualities needed is authenticity. Your customers not only fall in love with the five dollar fabulous jewelry, they fall in love with you. The real you, so keep it real!

The tools we use as consultants are also important for our customers as well. Our biggest tool is ourselves. We want our customers to come back, so we need to be found easily again and again! One way is to mention your schedule throughout your live show. Keep your VIP group pinned at the bottom and remind them what your VIP group is used for. Remain consistent as consistency is just as important as authenticity. Soon your customers will be adjusting their schedules around your schedule!

Another key tool we use is Mobile Text Alerts. Our customers love the texts! Mobile Text Alerts allow you to message your customers with important updates and announcements. If they’re not on Facebook all day how are they going to know you just uploaded an album with new inventory? Customers also love that text message saying “Live in Five” or “Surprise, Pop up”. Your customers sign up for your text alerts so you’ll never feel pushy again!

So they’ve come to your lives and viewed your albums and they’ve signed up for your text alerts. What’s next? Keep them engaged. We may not be live 24/7 but our VIP group sure is. Add engagement posts often. Create contests and giveaways. Create a game that allows them to win a free piece of jewelry or free shipping. Remember though to always remain authentic and within compliance.

Have fun and enjoy your Paparazzi journey!
-Jamie and Robert Plaza


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