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How Paparazzi Helped Me Become Who I Was Meant to Be

Jeanette’s Story: How Paparazzi Helped Me Become Who I Was Meant to Be

This is my story of how Paparazzi brought not only success to my life but it helped me emerge into the person I was meant to become.  

Many who know me are aware of the number of independent consultant hats I have worn over the years but I want to share my story of how the one I proudly wear currently stands apart from the rest. I have only been doing this since February 2018, so for a little over a year, and it has changed my life in ways I never thought it would. It has blessed me to spend extra time with my family and niece and nephews since they became part of my “crew”. It has also allowed me to break out of my shell for I could never in a million years see myself in front of the camera, especially not in front of a live audience.

Now I enjoy doing lives and sharing the ways to look fabulous without breaking the bank. I have also been blessed to be on a team that has become a true sisterhood. They have all become family. It has also blessed me with the opportunity to bring joy and empowerment to other women. I love randomly giving joy pouches that include pieces of jewelry to women in my local area businesses and it makes their day. People who I had looked up to in the past are now telling me they look up to me.

It has also allowed me to leave my job of 21+ years to fulfill my own inner happiness and other things I am passionate about.

I have become the quite unique individual who wears hats, costumes, wigs, and even hair curlers on my lives to put the emphasis on how I am now me. The true me. The me that is happy and loves life. I share this for the world to see now and that personal success I owe to Paparazzi.

I have met new people and am networking regularly now. I go to the special events by some of the Elite Leaders. It has become a new way of life for me.

The Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry endeavor has blessed me with bringing extracurricular joys to my life along with meeting amazing and strong women not only in my immediate circle of Team Fearless and my own Team Papa Divas but the Paparazzi family overall.

-Jeanette Pagán

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