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The Importance of Patience, Organization, and Consistency

If I could go back in time and talk to myself on my first day with Paparazzi, I would have stressed three things – patience, organization, and consistency. All three are crucial in the day to day running of my business, though not necessarily in that order.

I started with Paparazzi in March of 2017. My organization was lax, but it worked for me, until nearly a year later when my father and I were in an accident. We were both fine, his truck was totaled, and he had to surrender his license. As a result, I found myself having to juggle two households and my business. My business suffered due to the lack of organization. I have since started a bullet journal to track everything and I use apps that help me streamline my finances, shipping and inventory.

Patience and consistency work together in my business. I need to have the patience to build my customer base, and to wait on inventory orders. Like anyone else, I’d love it if they arrived the next day! Most of us, are not going to become an overnight success, it’s going to take patience to do those lives, take photos, and post photos consistently.

Above all, be consistent! I’m not comfortable with lives, so I post photos in my group and on my page. I’ve noticed that if I miss a day or two, it hurts and takes a while to regain momentum. I’ve learned that once I start a process, not to slack up, but to keep going.


Cathy Payne

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