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Karen’s Story: How Texting Helped Spark a Fire

At one time Karen Todd was a bright-eyed paralegal, with a passion for the law and excited about her job.

But over time that fire began to fade.

The drudgery of the daily grind began to wear her down.

She began to wonder, “Where did that spark go? What happened to the fire?”

That’s when Karen found Paparazzi Accessories, a multi-level marketing company through which independent consultants sell inexpensive jewelry pieces.

She says, “I originally joined Paparazzi for fun but soon realized the amazing earning potential that was in this company. I decided at that time to give my business everything I had, I told myself if I didn’t succeed it wasn’t going to be from a lack of trying.”

Eleven months later Karen’s business has grown significantly. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing: “I think my biggest struggle, which I think is the same for most just starting out was building my customer base. But I researched and researched. I set a weekly schedule of [running live sales on Facebook] 3 days a week and I consistently went live every week no matter what.”

Karen poured hard work into researching and figuring out the best ways to grow and find more success. In less than a year she has almost doubled her average live sale viewers (from around 30-40 viewers per sale to now hitting 70-plus each time).

She attributes much of her growth to text alerts as texting allows her to notify her customer base she’s running a live sale. She says, “I highly recommend signing up for Mobile Text Alerts, I highly suggest this to my team and other small business owners, it gives us a huge advantage over others in our field.”

Sending out text alerts provides Karen with a more reliable and consistent way to communicate to customers. Now she doesn’t have to rely on emails and unreliable Facebook algorithms to keep people in the know. With 30+ more attendees at her lives, Mobile Text Alerts pays for itself!

More attendees leads to more success. And more success means this new fire she’s sparked continues to ignite and grow.

Kudos to Karen for taking charge of her situation and for moving beyond the drudgery of the daily grind into something that can ignite a fire again!

James Pelton

As a self-taught entrepreneur, James founded Mobile Text Alerts in 2011 and has doubled its annual reoccurring revenue every year. Mobile Text Alerts provides text alert systems for thousands of direct sales businesses. With a thorough knowledge of what it takes for businesses to grow, James is eager to help jewelry consultants take their business to the next level.
While he is not running his businesses, James is an active Bible teacher, husband, and father of 3 children. He and his wife Alyssa live in Lincoln, NE.

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