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The one thing - Focus!

The One Thing

Today I want to share with you a concept that has radically changed my business (Mobile Text Alerts), and helped me it almost every area of my life.

This is the concept of “The ONE Thing.”

This concept is not new, but has been made popular recently by Gary Keller (who wrote the book The ONE Thing).

In his book, Gary explains how to maximize productivity and happiness and greatly simplify your life by focusing on this “one” thing.

What is “the ONE thing”?

The ONE thing, is a principle where you completely focus all of your attention and efforts on one thing at a time.

Most of us spend our days bustling from one activity to another, our attention being shifted this way and that, until we are stretched far too thinly, and not very effective at anything.

I know this especially happens in Paparazzi. For anyone running their own business, you might feel the pull from a thousand different directions trying to get you to do this or that.

This is an ineffective way to live, and it will quickly make you miserable.

There has been a huge emphasis recently on “simplifying” life, because as Americans, we have started to realize that we are just too busy.

There is an old Russian Proverb that says “he who tries to catch two rabbits catches neither.”

This is what happens in so many businesses. They try to catch two rabbits (or in some cases four or five!) and end up doing nothing effective.

So what is the cure?

Focus on ONE thing.

Extraordinary results are the effect of an extremely narrow focus

Go small. The more specific your attention, the more productive you’ll be.

Pick out one thing that you need to accomplish in order to reach your goals, and put 100% of your energy into accomplishing that one thing.

Don’t get distracted, don’t lose your focus.

Most people consider multi-tasking a good thing. Did you know that studies have shown that you lose 30% of your effectiveness when you “multitask”?

Don’t lose focus, accomplish your one thing.

What is your “ONE thing”?

Do you remember Dominoes? Not the pizzas, but the game

A domino can knock down an object twice as big as itself

If you use this fact and knock down a domino that knocks down a domino twice as big as itself, which in turn knocks down a domino twice as big as itself, eventually you have exponential growth.

That is what you are looking for in your business. What is the one thing, the one domino you can knock down that will get you to your “big goals.”

In Keller’s book, he asks “What is the one thing I can do in my life, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Apply this question to your health, personal life, social life, and most important to this course, your Paparazzi business.

Actionable Exercise For Today:
Pick the ONE thing that you need to do today. Start with a lifetime goal, then make a five-year goal that will help make that goal happen. Then make a one-year goal, then a three month goal, all the way down to right now. What one thing can you do right now that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

Now do that one thing right now!

Post below and let us know what you decided on. Thanks!

James Pelton

As a self-taught entrepreneur, James founded Mobile Text Alerts in 2011 and has doubled its annual reoccurring revenue every year. Mobile Text Alerts provides text alert systems for thousands of direct sales businesses. With a thorough knowledge of what it takes for businesses to grow, James is eager to help jewelry consultants take their business to the next level.
While he is not running his businesses, James is an active Bible teacher, husband, and father of 3 children. He and his wife Alyssa live in Lincoln, NE.

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