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Why every jewelry consultant should send text alerts

Live sales are the lifeblood of a successful direct sales jewelry consultant.

People no longer want to be sold to the way they have in the past, they want to connect with the people they are buying from.

Instead of buying from faceless people on the internet, they want to buy from someone they know.

Live Video has opened up the door for your customers to get to know you.

They can see your face, they can see your personality, and it opens up a whole new level of intimacy in the buying process.

If you aren’t using live sales as part of your jewelry business, you need to start right away, or you are leaving money on the table.

The trouble with live sales: Getting people to show up

Now, hopefully you are running live sales.

But the problem every consultant runs into with live sales, is “how do you get people to show up?”

Every day I hear from consultants “I ran a live sale yesterday and only three people showed up.”

The problem is not that people don’t want to buy from you. The problem is that they don’t realize you are having your sale!

It’s a communication problem.

When I surveyed how consultants let people know about their lives, a vast majority of consultants said they only use Facebook as a notification method.

They just post to Facebook “Hey, I am going live at 7pm tonight” and then they hope that is enough to get people to show up.

The problem with that method, is that the average reach rate on a Facebook post is 6%. That is bad enough, but the average engagement rate on Facebook is only .17%.

That means that if you have a VIP Facebook group of 1,000 people (which would be a good sized Facebook group!), and you post, only 60 people (6% of 1,000) will see the post, and only 17 people (.17% of 1,000) will engage with the post.

That means you are looking at maybe 10-20 visitors during your live sale.

So what is the solution?

You need to start using other methods of communication to let your people know about your live sales.

Do you know what method of communication has the highest engagement rate?

Email is good, Facebook Messenger is good, but what has by far the highest engagement rate is text messaging.

We mentioned the reach rate on a Facebook post is 6%, the reach rate on a text message is 98%, and 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of sending.

That means that when you post to a Facebook group of 1,000 people, only 60 people see it, but if you send a text message to 1,000 people, 980 will see it. And 900 of them will see it within three minutes of you sending.

I like to look at it this way. If you had some important information that you needed to get to someone. Let’s say you needed your husband to pick up milk on his way home from work (in a house with three children I know that is very important!)

If you needed to get this information to your husband, would you post in a Facebook group that he is a part of?

No, obviously not. You realize that the odds of him checking his facebook, and the odds of your particular message showing up in his news feed when you need it to are not good.

How would you get that information to your husband?

Well, if you’re like 97% of Americans, you will use text messaging.

With texting, we are seeing jewelry consultants’ businesses transform.

They are going from having less than 10 viewers on their live sales, to having 100 viewers on their live sales.

What would that do for your business if you were able to 10x the number of people at your next live sale?

Here’s what consultants are saying:

“I just recently signed up for the paid text alerts. It is doing wonders. My viewers have jumped from 30-40 to 50-70.”

Karen Todd, Jewelry Consultant

“I absolutely love this service!! My …. business has grown so much in just the short 30 days i have had this service. I couldn’t be happier!!! Thank you!!”

Kimberly Gerlach, Jewelry Consultant

So what now?

Hopefully that convinces you that this is a step that you need to take in your business.

If you’ve been on the fence, we would love to have you take the plunge and join the thousands of other consultants who use texting to grow their business.

We can walk you step-by-step through the process, and you can get started today.

Just visit the Sign Up page for our product Mobile Text Alerts.

Please reach out! We would love to help you if you have any questions or need assistance getting started.

James Pelton

As a self-taught entrepreneur, James founded Mobile Text Alerts in 2011 and has doubled its annual reoccurring revenue every year. Mobile Text Alerts provides text alert systems for thousands of direct sales businesses. With a thorough knowledge of what it takes for businesses to grow, James is eager to help jewelry consultants take their business to the next level.
While he is not running his businesses, James is an active Bible teacher, husband, and father of 3 children. He and his wife Alyssa live in Lincoln, NE.